Battery Mart are authorised agents for Exide Batteries - New Zealand's favourite battery for decades.

All Exide batteries carry a Nationwide Warranty of up to 36 months, and your local BatteryMart can help you get the most out of your battery by making sure you get battery most suited for your vehicle. Whether it be a car, motorcycle, truck, boat, new or old model, Battery Mart have the right battery type for your application.

Choosing the right Battery for you.


When selecting a battery it is imperative that you get advice from a suitably qualified technician to ensure the battery suits your particular vehicle and driven patterns. BatteryMart technicians can assess your vehicle's electrical accessories and charging system to make sure you get the right product for your specific needs, taking into account product technology, design and specification.

There are two main types of lead acid battery technologies in the New Zealand market today, the Calcium/Calcium and the Calcium/Antimony. When replacing batteries it is essential that the correct technology be fitted to match your vehicle's Original Equipment (OE) specification.

Don't risk doing it yourself, we can install quality Exide Batteries to suit all applications
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