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PRESS RELEASE: Battery Company to Cease Local Manufacturing

- Friday, January 31, 2014

Battery Company to Cease Local Manufacturing

Marshall Power today advised employees of the company’s intent to cease its local battery manufacturing in Edinburgh North, South Australia.

This announcement affects factory employees, with manufacturing at the plant planned to conclude by the end of 
2014, when the site will operate as a Distribution Centre.

This was a very difficult decision and not one made lightly. We are very proud of our manufacturing history and 
to lose some of our dedicated team members is always a last resort. We must ensure long-term viability and sustainability for the larger employee group.
" Said Andrew Duncan, Marshall Power Australasian Sales and Marketing Director. 

All Edinburgh North employees have been made aware of the Company’s intent and have also been advised that the business has provided for all their entitlements. The Company has an established process of consultation and communication and will ensure that this process is conducted with dignity. A meeting of all employees took place at Edinburgh North, SA today at 2.30PM AEDT and counselling and outplacement services have been offered. 

The business owns a range of leading automotive battery brands including Exide and Marshall, which continues to be sold across Australia and New Zealand. Some of these products have been manufactured locally while others have been imported. 

“We recognise the great work of our manufacturing staff in South Australia and they will be fully supported throughout the transition. All viable options have been explored and due to competing imports and to deliver increased value to all Australian and New Zealand motorists, we have no choice but to fully utilise our associated companies to manufacture offshore. Whilst we are deeply saddened about losing some of our team, this announcement delivers long term viability and allows us to continue to provide best in class product and a new range that will secure continued supply and value to our customers. 

Our business will continue to supply Australian car manufacturers and our Australasian aftermarket customers. Today’s announcement is not attributable to any one specific factor and is not related to any decisions made by Australian car manufacturers. This is a commercial decision taken by our business." said Mr Duncan.

Marshall Power is dedicated to delivering the best technology and continued value to its customers. 

Since 1935, the business has been and will continue to provide market leading batteries for automotive manufacturers and aftermarkets across a range of uses including Car, Marine, Motorcycle, 4WD,caravanning, Agribusiness, Trucking and Home & Garden products.

For further media information, please contact
Travis Atkins
0417 329 138

World Heli Challenge 2013

- Thursday, August 01, 2013

World Heli Challenge 2013

All eyes of the international snowsports world are on New Zealand right now with some of the world's best flying south for the 2013 World Heli Challenge.


Exide Batteries powers the World Heli Challenge. It is an elite heli-accessed ski and snowboard event attracting athletes from around the world to challenge themselves in the backcountry terrain surrounding Wanaka. As we know, this part of NZ is where only the strong (Batteries) survive.

Southern Lakes Heli fly the competitors on two competition days - a Freestyle Day and Extreme Day. Athletes are judged on their overall performance across both days, their abilities to showcase their freeriding skills in steep and challenging terrain and to deliver a smooth, strong and consistent line.

This year's World Heli Challenge event kicks off on Friday, 26 July with the first-ever Junior World Heli Challenge for 12-16 year old athletes.

The elite level ski and snowboard event will then take place from 4 to 22 August this year with a strong local line up including 2012 winner Will Jackways and Wanaka legends Sam Smoothy and Fraser McDougall. International athletes are also flying down for a piece of the action including snowboarder Antti Autti from Finland.


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The ultimate battery power now comes with more heart

- Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The iconic Exide Extra and Extreme range has turned PINK.  

There is now even more reason to choose a trusted and reliable Exide battery, you will also be helping to support the amazing work of the Breast Cancer Network

How to purchase a pink battery: go to our store locator for your nearest BatteryMart store or phone 0800 24 50 24.


The Breast Cancer Network is a volunteer organisation supporting all New Zealanders who are affected by breast cancer. They raise money to provide support networks for

those suffering from breast cancer and work on the prevention of breast cancer.

Help us stop cancer where it starts.

For further information on THE Breast Cancer Network please go to:

World Heli Challenge

- Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Powered by Exide, the World Heli Challenge is two weeks of free-riding and all around good times in New Zealand. For a handful of the world’s best skiers, boarders, photographers and cinematographers World Heli Challenge (WHC) is an epic adventure and comp in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

The annual event that combines two days of exciting on-hill competition—the Extreme Day and the Freestyle Day—with separate challenges for photographers and filmers.

Allotting two weeks of time for the event allows organizers to host the Extreme Day and the Freestyle Day in optimal conditions, while granting plenty of time for photographers and filmers to produce amazing content. This year, the weather cooperated and the respective on-hill competitions were held early on. This enabled all participants to roam the hills surrounding Wanaka in the subsequent days, and to produce a stunning collection of visuals.

Exide - Major Sponsor of the Adventure Angler

- Thursday, May 03, 2012



The Adventure Angler series is themed around exotic destinations with amazing and unique fishing opportunities, yet each show has an adventurous twist.  Locations might be reached by jet skis, quad (motor) bikes, helicopter, inflatable boats, yachts or horses, but whatever the means it will be another great escapade for our intrepid hero, Micah Adams

Adventure Angler showcases the finest fishing on the planet using methods such as fly, lures and soft plastics and also highlights the stunning landscapes for which each location has been chosen. Adventure Angler takes you to dream destinations and the fishing is as good as anything ever filmed!

Exide Batteries have teamed up with Micah Adams to showcase our technically advanced range of Marine and Deep Cycle batteries available through Exide.  Micah Adams uses our Exide batteries in his extreme conditions and so should you. 

Series 3 of Adventure Angler Adventure Angler aires on Sky Sports 3 from July 2012