Why Choose Exide

BatteryMart provides customers with the very best quality parts and service each and every time.  Batteries are a vital part of your vehicles operating system, we make sure your battery is designed to suit both your vehicle electrical and starting needs, but also your driving style to maximise performance and your investment.

When it comes to Batteries there is only one choice and this is why we at Battery Mart choose Exide Batteries:

Exide Batteries is a global leader in providing stored electrical energy solutions. It is the world's foremost supplier of lead-acid batteries for Network Power, Motive Power and Automotive applications with an increasing presence in emerging battery technology.

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The Exide Battery range is designed specifically to meet local conditions and are at the forefront of modern battery technology, backed by Australias and New Zealand's leading original equipment manufacturers.  Exides battery range covers all types of deep cycling and specialist applications camping and caravanning, marine, mobility and motorcycle; as well as exceeding the needs of today's modern passenger vehicles. 

Exide Batteries has a long history of supplying Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in Australia and New Zealand. OEM usually translates in the automotive market to the item you are buying will be to the same type or standard as that originally fitted to the vehicle.

Over the years they have supplied batteries to many OEMs and currently supply Holden & Toyota. This close relationship with leading OEMs allows Exide to be at the forefront of latest automotive battery developments including the participation in extensive global research and development.